About Us

At SimpleSpirit™, we believe that personal exploration of spirituality and consciousness is the most valuable journey to embark upon. That is why we dedicate our time to spreading awareness of meditation, mindfulness and an abundance mindset. Providing hand-crafted items from Artisans all around the world has allowed us to work on our aim of extending this spiritual knowledge to western society. 

Our sole purpose is to bridge the gap to your soul and inner self through our spiritually infused hand-crafted pieces. Spreading nothing but positivity, balance, and higher-level elevation. Bringing alignment to your life the right way… From within!

Our products are designed to create a soothing experience no matter the space it’s in. Whether in the bedroom to improve sleep quality or set the mood… or in the office to help diffuse some of the stress from a highly demanding job. Experience relaxation with a high-performing accessory that is user friendly as well as space-friendly.

“Create a life that feels as good on the inside, not just the outside.

The universe speaks to those who listen.”